Good for ministers, politicians, administrators, businessmen and executives. It gives riches and honor and fulfills all the earthly desires and gives eight accomplishments ( Siddhies), and the god cupid ( Kamadeva) pleases with the man who wears it..

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Removes all obstacles and brings success in all undertakings.

It gives the wearer all kinds of attainments - Riddhies and Siddhies . the minds or intentions of his opponents are changed.

It is believed that, as a sacred material, rudraksha beads are able to hold onto to energy of the recited mantra and aid the worshiper in his or her concentration and spiritual development.

Single rudraksha beads may be worn around the neck as a form of protection, or on the skin in other forms of jewellery such as bracelets and earrings.

It provides the wearer safety, security and riches and self power. The wearer of this Rudraksha is known for his words.

he always speak truth and his wordings becomes truth. This Rudraksha reaches to the Sadhu, saints and brahmins by the virtue of their devotion for Lord Shiva. It is the creator and do preservation of the universe and it is the past, present and future itself.

It awakens the sixth sense organ by which the wearer foresees the future happenings. Its wearer gets rid of all the calamities, miseries, worries.

It protects from ghosts, evil spirits and black magic .

Undeveloped faces, joint faces, partially formed faces, and unformed faces create confusion among traders, and can actually alter the price of the Rudraksha considerably.