Lynn has been active conducting and supervising research in diverse areas of physical therapy.

While specialized in Exercise Physiology, she has expanded her expertise into Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and arthritis throughout the years.

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Working to establish collaborations with the health club and fitness industries is the third component of the EIM Solution.

It requires redefining the role of fitness professionals and the clubs where they deliver exercise services — enabling them to provide patients with therapeutic exercise to prevent and/or treat chronic disease.

This seems to reinforce the need for motion and activity across the lifespan.

It is true that injury is very predictive of the development of arthritis.

My grandmother told me knee and hip pain was a part of life! Richard Loeser and Lieberman that lack of activity may be a culprit of increased instances of arthritis.

There has been a shift away from active careers toward sedentary desk jobs. As research has demonstrated time after time, exercise reduces arthritis pain and decreases the inflammation associated with arthritis.

Along with this should come reimbursement for services and recognition of the vital role the fitness industry can play in improving global health.

We also want to expand the reach of EIM On Campus so that no student will leave a college campus less fit than when they entered and without a lifetime plan for their personal fitness.

He served as the 42nd President of the American College of Sports Medicine 1998-1999. D., FACSM, is a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University, Bloomington.

She has worked in both the private and university setting during her 30 years in the fitness/wellness industry as an educator and supervisor of fitness staff.

She has taught/created academic courses on group leadership, personal training, and fitness management and produced books and DVD’s on group exercise, water exercise and functional exercise progressions.