This replays the colonial narrative again, but in intimate terms. I am the conquered woman that he discovered and discarded. This is the intersection of being Indigenous and trans.

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My body must survive transphobia, colonization, and misogyny.

Even when I win against one oppression, I lose to another.

Many of the names on the lists of murdered and missing Indigenous women belong to Indigenous trans women.

I walk inside the violence of being an Indigenous trans woman every day.

When I first transitioned, I lost some of my closest Indigenous friends because of transphobia.

We are caught in lethal crossfire of racism, colonization, transphobia and misogyny.We were viewed as valuable in Anishinaabe culture, because we were often surrogate parents to orphaned children and worked to support our communities.Western culture views trans women as sexual curiosities—women who threaten their male partner’s masculinity and are seen as lesser than other women.In the teachings I know from elders within my nation, Indigenous trans women have always existed in Anishinaabe society.There are traditional legends about us as well as specific ceremonial roles for Indigenous trans women.I have heard the stories of older Indigenous trans women who were driven from their communities because of their gender.