A random word from a random sentence of the article was replaced with the word 'music'.

The handwritten type is a reference to British tabloid press announcements. Poster series during Dutch election period in 2010, which was shaped by a (new) right wing movement.

The design solution derives from the situation that all participating artists were part of the same residency at AGA Lab and Waag Society without their work being conceptually connected.

Therefor the poster brings together three different posters that equally stand on their own.

I’m a really, really shy person.”She added that modelling had helped.

“Once I put the make-up on I’d go ‘OK, I can cope’,” she said.

The full-colour backside of each sheet is used by young Belgium artists to do whatever they like.

The logo type was meant to be temporary, I see though it is still in place these days. Editing and graphic design of newspaper about the gentrification process of De Kinkerboulevard, a traditional shopping street in Amsterdam.

Research and photography Marieke Geljon and Eva Pel (2017). 9 at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Poster series for Amsterdam-based experimental music initiative DNK.

For each event-poster, the first page of a Dutch newspaper from the same date but 50 years earlier was reduced to the layout framework and a random article.

The design proposal that was chosen is an experiment to discover the possibilities and limitations in offset-printing.