The real reason why guys feel emasculated is because of themselves and the world they live in.

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And every time a guy can’t be that perfect vision of the man in his head, he feels emasculated.

And the worst part is that most guys believe they can’t do anything about it!

Don Draper, the coolest mad man in New York, is another real man. Your guy may smile as Iron Man utters each word on the big screen.

He barely has conversations that last more than a few seconds, and still has a social life. But every word in that quote makes your guy’s testicles subconsciously shrink just a little bit more.

[Read: How to get rid of your man’s wandering eye] What makes a man feel more like a man? Displaying his strength and masculinity always gives a man a high. Ever heard of a rich and powerful guy feeling emasculated? So if a man gets to have more sex, feels stronger, and feels rich and powerful, he’d feel more like a man. How to make your man feel less emasculated If your man feels emasculated, all you need to do is help him achieve these three qualities. Enjoy an active sex life and try something new in bed every few months, just when something in bed starts to get boring.

There are just three main qualities that make a man feel manlier and less emasculated. As long as both of you get creative in bed and he’s able to bring you to orgasm, he’d feel manlier and more proud of his little buddy. But if you’re wondering why a man feels emasculated around you, or what you’ve been doing to emasculate him, well, this is something you need to know. And when a man loses the one thing that defines him, his masculinity, he’d either withdraw into a shell, or he’ll get rebellious and do anything it takes to get that masculinity back. And neither gender really understands why the other gender makes such a big deal of it! ] Emasculation is the loss of masculinity and power.And of course, it’s a lot easier to point fingers at someone close than point out to the television screen. And he goes about pursuing something in the hope of feeling more manly and real.Maybe the best way to deal with insecurities and emasculation is by working together and becoming better individuals together, instead of arguing with each other or stopping each other from admiring the opposite sex. But at the end of the road, almost always, it comes down to just these three qualities that arouse the inner real man in him.And some women believe they should be subservient to their man or they’d emasculate their man. A man feels emasculated because he chooses to feel emasculated. Some guys feel emasculated when they hold their girl’s purse while shopping, while a few other guys feel their manhood shrinking each time they wear an apron.