Nick has had small roles in TV shows since Roswell, but it looks like a movie (Switchback) due this year will have him in it.

William Sadler as Sheriff Jim Valenti Sheriff Valenti was the first to suspect Max as an alien...

at the end of S1 he realized that the aliens were just scared kids trying to stay alive.

Isabel tried to fight that side of herself throughout the series.

She had some love interests, most notably dork Alex and lawyer Jesse.

She also had long blonde hair for the first 2 seasons, then chopped it off dramatically in S3.

Katherine Heigl is probably the most successful of all the Roswell kids (so much that the newer Roswell boxsets reworked their artwork to put her front and center).

), the TV series Jesse Stone, "The Pacific," and a slew of movies this year and next, including a part in Switchback with his former on-screen son Nick Wechsler.

Fun fact: He played a child molester in Kinsey, and that made me look at him differently. Mary Ellen Trainor as Diane Evans / No current photo available At first just a mother character, then an annoying nosy butt-her-head-into-everything character in S3, Max and Isabel's mom really got in the way of everything towards the end...She was in [email protected], Charlie Wilson's War, and "ER." Now she's headlining a new CW(?) show, "Life Unexpected," where I think she plays a MOM? Majandra Delfino as Maria De Luca Liz's best friend and Michael's reluctant girlfriend. I swear, her look changed SO MUCH throughout this series (short choppy hair in S1, long curly extensions in S2, brown straight hair with bangs in S3...) Anyway.He, his wife the Queen, his sister the princess, and his brother-in-law and second-in-command, all as alien-human hybrids, were sent to earth in the crashed ship, and emerged in the '80s as naked children roaming the desert.Jason Behr has had steady work since Roswell, but not too much. I loved this show when I was in high school, and recently re-watched all 3 seasons on DVD. but I had forgotten that this is a new generation of viewers, and maybe y'all were too young to appreciate Roswell...