FULL REVIEW Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, R Elders (and their hip kids/grandkids) who revere Frances Mc Dormand will want to see her court an Oscar as the vengeful mom of a murdered girl, with Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson as her unlikely allies.A mother-of-two says a painful condition that has made her leg swell up to three times its original size has robbed her of her love life.Aaron Sorkin’s writer-director debut is superb, partly thanks to Kevin Costner, 62, as Bloom’s insanely demanding dad.

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FULL REVIEW The Shape of Water, R A fable to please anybody over 17.

The first English-language Oscar front-runner by Guillermo del Toro, 53, features an adorably sensitive, mute janitor (Sally Hawkins) who falls for a sea creature who turns out to be sweet and even sort of handsome, though noseless.

Paul Getty III, 16, and older moviegoers will savor the superb acting of Christopher Plummer as his grandpa J.

Paul Getty, the richest man in history, who refused to ransom him until kidnappers mailed the boy's ear to them (the slicing scene is the scariest since Reservoir Dogs).

Winston Churchill unites the Allies and beats Hitler, and Gary Oldman's stirring oratory likely wins him an Oscar.

FULL REVIEW Wonder, PG Anyone age 5 to 105 can identify with the disfigured kid (Room's Jacob Tremblay) who braves public school, and grownups can relate to the mom (Julia Roberts in a fine role) who's rooting for him.

And The Disaster Artist is such a prizewinning hit, The Room will be rereleased in 600 theaters for one night, on Jan. Molly’s Game, R Jessica Chastain earned her fifth Golden Globe nomination as Molly Bloom, a scary, chilly world-class skier who (in real life) ran the world’s highest-stakes poker games for A-list movie stars and Russian mobsters.

With players losing 0 million at a sitting and her as the bank, no wonder she slipped into addiction and an FBI bust.

Richard Jenkins, 70, charms as the self-doubting best friend who helps the lovers escape.