The exhibition makes a creative and dynamic space where all educational services in Lithuania and a wide choice of study possibilities abroad are presented, as well as meetings, discussions, seminars on the topics of personality development, career planning, entrepreneurship, etc. The purpose of the exhibition is to inspire young people to make their own decision where to study and to help them to find the right way. 3705 2686861, 370615 95754, e-mail [email protected]) Stand design, additional stand equipment and services The dimensions of the stand and its place in the hall are determined by the Organizer.

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In such cases the Exhibitor shall bear full liability for actions of third parties.

Staff mounting a stand during mounting and dismantling days shall be issued free special vouchers.

The Stand number; 69.1.5 The details of the company designing and building the Stand (the stamp of the company/organization, the name, surname, signature and date of the designer). The authorization to the Contractor of the Stand or the Contractor agreement, by which the Contractor is operating; 69.3.

The name and date of the exhibition or fair; 69.1.2. The details of the Participant, for whom the Stand is being built; 69.1.4.

For further information and orders, please contact stand sales manager Audronė Ridikienė (ph. For the rent of stands of individual design, please contact stand sales manager Audronė Ridikienė (ph. Forms for Additional Equipment, Services and Communications are also available at days before an Exhibition opening, prices for additional equipment and services increase by 50%, 24 hours before the opening by 100%.

An Exhibitor must cover stand remounting expenses which amount to 20% of the installation price of the exhibition stand, if 5 days before an Exhibition any amendments are made to the stand design and the stand has to be remounted. Terms of payment An Exhibitor has to pay for the rent of exhibition space, stand rent and additional services after getting the invoices from LITEXPO.The conference halls booking form has to be submitted to the Organizer one month before the Exhibition.Exhibitors organizing various actions at the exhibition stands may not interfere with proper participation in the Exhibition of other exhibitors (make noise, play loud music, etc.). Exhibition course An Exhibitor, for whom an exhibition stand is set-up and dismantled by another company, shall inform his contractor about the requirements regulating the stand set-up procedures established by LITEXPO (see Regulations of Stand Set-up).Exclusively the invitations provided by the Organiser are valid for the Exhibition.· Events and additional promotion Exhibitors may organize press conferences, seminars, presentations, etc. The program of events has to be coordinated with the Organizer. The approved copy of the civil responsibility insurance policy, for one-off payment of no less than EUR 100,000 valid for the whole duration of the exhibition; 69.7.