If I had known this I would have chosen Easyjet.” (He was politely reminded that seats are assigned free of charge from 24 hours before departure.)At the risk of appearing impolite, I think Monarch has got it wrong.

Certainly it’s a good plan to try to create some passenger engagement and loyalty by using otherwise perishable assets: empty extra-legroom seats and places in the priority line.

But if getting hitched to a pilot or member of cabin crew just for comfier flights is too extreme, try these three tips.

This was the first time I stepped outside of my comfort zone. Profiles with what can only be described as 'lewd' images of females, with URLs to fake sites (which have become INCREDIBLY COMMON before my unexpected permanent unauthorized deletion).

Don’t expect a lie-flat bed, champagne on tap, an inflight massage and a limousine to meet you when you touch down.

What Monarch has in mind is a few extra inches of legroom, which would normally cost you £20 or £30, or priority check-in – a perk that is available to us ill-mannered folk for just £3.

Considering Monarch was on the financial ropes six months ago, the airline deserves congratulations for all the the positive coverage it has garnered for its promise to upgrade well-mannered passengers.

First, a little more about the benefits you can expect.

Although I gave negative feedback I had done absolutely nothing wrong.

POF seems to have more than its fair share of people with issues and problems...bunny boilers, psychos, neurotics, social mistfits, narcissists etc Maybe I was just unlucky but I won't be using that site again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

And with no second chance system available for persistent, legitimate users like myself, this site would forever be marked as one of the worst.