(Arbuckle’s Coffee opened last week near the lower level baggage claim.)The restaurant has a wraparound full-service bar with flat-screen TVs and a small dining room with a handful of tables, but it is the patio with its mint-colored puffy benches and chairs overlooking the TIA parking lot that has proved to be a big draw.

That and being on the ticketing level creates opportunities for the brewpub to become a go-to restaurant/bar for guests from the nearby hotels, said Noble Hops manager Morgan Jeffcoat.“We get lots of people who come from the hotels that don’t have restaurants or bars, or they may be closed by the time (travelers) get in,” Jeffcoat said at the beginning of the lunch rush last Friday as the barstools filled up and passengers loaded down with luggage plopped into the half-dozen dining room tables.

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Scientists found that Ham’s reaction time was only slightly slower than while on earth during his 16-minute flight, which reached a top speed of 9,426 km/h and carried him 420-miles from the launch site.

Despite some unexpected complications during the flight Ham survived both the landing and the aftermath, eventually passing away on January 19, 1983.

The only national chains heading to the airport are Dunkin’ Donuts, Bruegger’s Bagels and Built Custom Burgers — the first Arizona outpost of the California fast-casual chain.“All of these are local concepts so it’s really exciting,” said Tucson Airport Authority public information officer Jessie Butler.

The Tucson restaurant owners don’t really make any money in the deal, said Flores and Noble Hops owner Suzanne Kaiser. Jeffcoat said he and his staff are quick to let customers know the airport restaurant’s origin.“I have people ask ‘Why Noble Hops?

NEW video and pictures of monkeys being sent into space by NASA at the start of the space race has emerged.

A video created by NASA in January 1961 shows Ham, a chimpanzee who was trained to operate certain levers while in a space-bound rocket, being strapped into a special bio-pack couch before being blasted into space.’ and we tell them it’s a gastropub in Oro Valley,” he said, as a server delivered the Schanks’ hot dogs and pretzel to their patio table.Schank said the prices were pretty reasonable; the Sonoran hot dog was and the pretzel that came with housemade cheese sauce was .It was right then, about two years ago on a family trip, that he knew he wanted to open a Thai ice cream shop back home in Tucson.The 20-year-old Omar is Palestinian, but his family is actually from Saudi Arabia and is involved with the local Muslim community here.Customers who spend can get their parking validated, which creates another incentive for nontravelers, Jeffcoat added.