I mean, that was the success of "Cagney and Lacey" was that it was so real, first time out for a show like that. But it is taking that next step towards showing the reality of the life of these kids. And in a lot of ways, it portrays relationships honestly, in a way that even straight portrayal of relationships doesn't do anymore. So the first time you're seeing people having real arguments, and a lot of times -- I've said this before -- but I have dialogue on the show where I'm saying -- my character is saying to his boyfriend stuff that my ex-girlfriend has said to me. And that's an interesting place to be in as a man, you know, and really come to terms with having those honest feelings. And I thought that was really revolutionary to see on TV. KING: Gale, do you have any regrets over taking the part?

randy harrison dating-31

KING: Did you have any doubts about displaying the character this way? I mean, I felt the sexuality especially in Justin's case was a really important part of his development as a character.

And it was a great way to begin my professional career. And any time I can be 200th choice for something and actually get the part, I'm there.

KING: Is that what this is about, that television just gets more real all the time?

KING: You play, Peter, the character you play, I understand, is really out there. KING: Randy, as a gay man, does Peter's part offend you in any way?

And the only question I've ever been asked by other actors on the show was do you really do it like that?

They're really collaborative and really open that way. KING: Sharon, I know you've never shirked controversy. Hal, as a straight actor, why did you take the role of a gay person? And the character was something that I really felt like I could resonate to and find a heart for. And very much a part of his persona, his personality is his sexual life. I knew that from the time I decided to go and test for the part. I mean, that is the character that I signed on to play. And while it's produced by gays about gays, most of its stars are straight. So they're going to be claiming that Robert solicited them to kill his wife. I mean, these are sort of typical kinds of witnesses that come forward in high-publicity cases. In fact, I just got off the phone with him about 20 minutes ago. And so, once in a while, someone would almost say in, you know, jest, well, you should kill her with a bad word. BRAUN: I think any time you have a capital murder case, you've got to be scared. And right now, there's a situation where he can't sign for her if she got injured and Rosie can't. Now, this is what we've been talking about and is our bulk of the show tonight. Justin is a teenager who lost his virginity to the much older Brian. We've got all the key players and they'll answer your calls and criticisms. We're going to have the complete cast of "Queer as Folk" as our guests and a major discussion about that. KING: And are they going to have any kind of testimony other than them saying it? They don't have anything to corroborate what they have to say and they have a story that puts them right in the center of a case. But he said, you know, no one ever seriously said anything like that. And I'm sure the court will straighten it out eventually next month. And if you've seen any magazines, New York magazines with Randy Harrison -- he'll be with us in a little while -- on the cover. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: We begin with, here in Los Angeles, Peter Paige. And here in Los Angeles is Hal Sparks who plays Michael Novotny, the son of Sharon Gless. The only two actual gay characters on the show are Peter Paige here in Los Angeles and Randy Harrison here in New York. PETER PAIGE, ACTOR: I've always been drawn to controversial projects. They just wouldn't take a lot of the roles that were offered in the show.