Playboy and Showtime joined forces for a custom marketing program designed to drive awareness and social chatter around the Season 1 premiere of DICE.

The program included a custom city guide to Vegas on, a chance for fans to win an epic 48-hour trip to Las Vegas, and social amplification to Playboy’s massive audience.

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Playboy worked with Blackheart to select four Playmates who embodied the Blackheart aesthetic and vied against one another to be named Miss Blackheart.

The program was complemented by a variety of digital, event and social activations.

isn't so sure Carrie Bradshaw would've had her happy ending if she lived in the real world."Well, I think, in real life, Carrie and Big wouldn’t have ended up together," Candace Bushnell -- who wrote the books that inspired the beloved TV and movie series -- admits to became too much of a phenomena not to have Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth's characters end up together. Big.' It became part of the lexicon," she explains.

"They had become an iconic couple and women really related to it. "And when people are making a TV show, it’s show business, not show art.

And more than ever, they need a trusted voice to tell those stories.

The stories that break through are told by brands built on disruption. We've made it easier than ever for existing and potential advertising partners to leverage our rich history, creative prowess and data to create authentic and relatable content that resonates with our audience of millennial men.

In partnership with The Weinstein Company, Playboy collaborated with Quentin Tarantino to develop a limited edition Playboy t-shirt inspired by The Hateful Eight, which was given away to fans.

The program was amplified via custom content, a custom video series, co-branded promotions, and multi-channel social amplification.

Last September, however, Parker spoke with ET about whether she'd consider reprising her role as Carrie.

"We have this very long and honored relationship with those women and men that watched our show," the 52-year-old actress said.

Prim who is Katniss Everdeen’s younger sister is chosen.