However, the Jarrold family have always sought to refresh and stimulate the business by hiring senior management from outside and, in keeping with that, the current Managing Director is Peter Mitchell.Jarrold joined AIS in 1979 and Pilch is also a member of the specialist INTERSPORT division.As befits the close business ties between Jarrold and AIS, Michelle and Peter Mitchell are former Board members so both epitomise the spirit of membership by being fully involved in AIS direction.

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Such a wide mix is supported by their membership of AIS since 1979 and helps them present a broad product offering to their loyal customers across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Collingwood Batchellor is a family-run business with seven furniture and homewares stores across the south east.

Sterling Furniture joined AIS in 2001 and are one of the bigger members of AIS.

They are a renowned Scottish regional chain operating from their base at Tillicoultry where visitors will also find a Garden Centre and choice of places to eat, drink and relax as well as browse the largest furniture store in the UK.

The company is now run by Tom and Guy Collingwood, who have both developed the business by expanding into nearby counties, and by continuing to follow family traditions in providing great quality furniture and customer service.

With the help of AIS, Collingwood Batchellor has managed to add further to its fantastic product line throughout its 30 year partnership.Barton Grange have been involved with AIS since 2008 and are a leading example of a growing number of Garden Centre members.They are regular winners of awards for horticulture, their restaurants and Christmas displays and have recently been voted the "GCA Destination Garden Centre of the Year 2015".The present MD is Gordon Mearns and the founders’ daughter Lesley Graham is Merchandise Director, and they, together with other Directors and senior managers, continue to take the company forward.Whilst the business started with furniture the main showroom building, with all its rooms and floors, now houses everything customers could need for their home including bathroom, lighting and cookware.The vision for this flagship store, the first of 9, came from George Knowles Snr.