They expect to be treated well, especially in the beginning.The first impression you make is vital to your goal.Well, I took the day off, hopped on the train and commuted into the city, waited at the bar in this fancy hotel for 30 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half! I have learned since then and the first thing I learned was to only, let me repeat ONLY, seek dates, companionship, young ladies to sleep with, from reputable sites that deliver the goods.

I’m not interested in long-term relationships and most of the women who advertise on Married Date are not either. Married Date has a feature that I have never seen on any other site and I’ve been to loads of them.

If you are willing to spend a few bucks, they have an Affair Guaranteed Package which, for $249, will buy you 1000 credits and a “guarantee” of an affair. The ratio of guys to gals on Married Date is about 70/30 which is not bad for a dating site.

After a few minutes of “chatting” you can tell whether or not you want to continue.

Communicating via text tells a whole lot about a person.

Married Date is by far the best dating website for married and attached people out there.

Everything you’ll ever need as far as opportunity and discretion is built in to this site. I started visiting dating sites in the late 90s and I can tell you a whole lot about which ones are scams and which ones are legitimate and believe me there are lots of scams out there.I’m not exactly sure how this works but if you are low on confidence but high on cash this is something you really ought to consider. Some sites, believe it or not, have worse balances.But, you don’t have to believe me about how good this site is. This site is designed for married people but I have found that there are plenty of unmarried people there as well, especially guys.There were a bunch of willing candidates available when I did my “location” search.I always tick off the box that says “photos” because I want to see what I’m getting into and I post mine willingly even though it’s a risk that someone who knows me might see it.Once you connect organically you might find that what she really needs is to me treated a little rough, to be tied up and teased, or spanked as a prelude to hot steamy sex.