We're playing at 1 o'clock at whatever-stage-we're playing-at." We would go out and recruit fans one-on-one.It was this one time a year where all us like-minded punk rock and pop-punk fans would get to see each other, meet each other and be around people who were similar to us outside our friends and bandmates.I remember feeling so stupid and thinking "Man, what are we doing here? Mark really loved the demo and started corresponding with Chuck. We've had a lot of mainstream success and radio support, and there are a lot of people who may not be hardcore Warped Tour fans who may know our band that heard our songs.

Either the year before or after we played for the first time as Simple Plan, Chuck and I attended Warped as fans.

Because of our experiences with our previous plan, we had a relationship with some of the guys from Blink-182 since we had played some shows together.

That was how you did it back then: you would find bands you liked and play them your song. " So we waited for hours, and they finally come out and we pass along the demo. It allows people to hopefully catch a glimpse of their musical heroes.

I have a vivid memory of being outside Blink's tour bus, hoping they would come out so we could say hi. That demo had an early version of the song "I'd Do Anything," which ended up being our second single off our first album. I think for a lot of our fans and fellow bands, we've always been considered on the poppier side of Warped Tour.

We've always made a conscious effort to go, even though there were some years it financially didn't make much sense to do Warped Tour; because there's so many bands, it's not a huge moneymaker for anybody.

We could've taken more lucrative offers somewhere else, but it was important for us to go play – and possibly lose some money but to connect with our fans.

At the end of the tour, Kevin asked us to do it the following year and we agreed to a 0 a day contract for 2003.

As that year progressed, we became so huge with a platinum record and everything blowing up.

[Playing] the Warped Tour as a band is an experience like no other. Kevin Lyman [Warped Tour's founder] and his team really handpicked bands that are part of a style.