Wij hopen Jullie te zien op de 28e Oktober in DEN HAAG ! En wat het belangrijkste is dat we er met Zijn allen een leuke en gezellige middag van gaan maken de meeting zal tot circa 7 uur duren en daarna kunnen de mensen die zin hebben uit eten gaan in het centrum van Den Haag.

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This account number is NL02INGB0656067438 and on payment please mention the Bee Gees / Gibb meeting 2017 The Hague!

As always, we have a corner where people can exchange and sell duplicate CDs and discs etc.

We got to meet with Maurice Gibb and on a couple of occasions went with him, in his blacked out Mini Cooper, to The Speakeasy Club, to meet up with Robin Gibb, George Harrison and Ringo.

I believe that they were talking about sharing an orchestra for an upcoming tour with the band on the same tour?

Since a few years I am writing music biographies with a certain satisfaction and this year - on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Fever - I managed to get by my editor to write a book on my beloved BEE GEES. It would be nice to use some of your photos taken during the tours or during the holiday times of the Gibbs with family or in the studio, with a promise to mention your name and your website site with each photograph! There is no official title yet but a working title at the moment is: Stayin Alive It should be ready for release in autumn 2017. It handles about the early years, still before the big Bee Gees successes started in Britain. I am trying to find out if there were any photos taken of The Bee Gees performing at the Greek Club in Brisbane, Australia in the 1960's. We lost him in 2014 to depression when my son was 18.

It's about: The Fabulous Bee Gees, The Australian Years. It would be great to have a photo of him with the Bee Gees to give to my son.

At the start of the project Sam Gibb announced: "We are very excited to share this collection of songs with everyone, especially long time fans of our fathers' music. Wie immer haben wir eine Ecke, wo man Duplikate CDs und Schall platten usw austauschen und verkaufen kann.

This has been an amazing experience with our family working together to create something really special." They released their first album and used the whole month of October to spread the word of their project as well as paying extra attention to the Gibb music by posting a large number of articles, video teasers and video clips. Und worauf es ankommt, ist, dass wir alle einen spa├čigen und angenehmen Mittag haben.

In brief: 1967 my school friend and I featured on Granada TV and subsequently were offered a recording contract with Major Minor records who, we discovered, worked with the Bee Gees.